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Jacarada was born in Pahokee, FL to Bishop R. L. & Karen Banks Jr.  She is the oldest of 3 girls and singing was their favorite things to do, while growing up.  After graduating from high school, she was accepted into Johnson C. Smith University and moved to Charlotte, NC.     

While in college she began to attend New Life Fellowship with Pastor John P. Kee & The New Life Community Choir.  She graduated from JCSU with two degrees in Business Administration.  In all these things, which were indeed a blessing and brought many life lessons, the most impacting lessons were to never forget where you come from and what you were taught. 

In 2006 Damali was formed.  JB and her two younger sisters have always sang together while attending their home organization: Bible Church of God.  Their first album “Penetrate My Heart” was conceived.  It was where JB discovered that God had endowed her with the gift of writing and “Jac Bae Publishing” Company was created.  This record touched the lives of many, but noticeably the lives of many youth!  

    In 2011 her ministry was continuing to transition in an area that was uncomfortable.  She’s never wanted to be a soloist or a teacher, but always wanted to be a wife.  She’s now, Mrs. Austin, and is ministering the Word of God in a facet that has captivated and is changing the way our young people desire to live. 


    After being the Ministry Head of the Youth Department during the VIP Conferences for 6 years, her heart would hurt at our generation genuinely devoting only one week of their year to God.  They would be so excited about this fellowship, but afterwards would fall back into old habits.  “Worship to Live” Youth Conferences were brought into fruition. After the youth would minister the song “Worship to Live”, they would live as though “They got it”!  To know God in the essence of Worship could actually allow them to take pleasure in living a Christian Life.  She is determined to continue to work in the avenues God has ordained her to Minister in!  JB believes that at the end of the day:  If we don’t know how to Worship God we will never live the life he has for us to enjoy!


JB now serves as Ministry heads for The newly opened Bible Church of God, Inc. in Charlotte, NC (9635 Southern Pines Blvd Ste 132/28273).       

This is probably JB's favorite!   Her publishing/ writing company has become her passion and will be known to the world to bring God glory.  She often says that this is probably the gift she is head over hills in love with!  The ability to cause one to smile on a sunny day, to receive a breakthrough when they've been bound so long, but most importantly to expose the world's ear to what God is saying to them is mind blowing and so humbling! She is known to be an Anthem writer and is gifted enough to write on the spot...on the stage...under the influence of the Holy Spirit! 

All of her music along with the songs from Damali's album is original material written in both good and bad times!  She can not wait to place her pen on your gift!!  Please contact us if you are shopping for anointed and ear pleasing music. 

Untitled-1 cd cover (Bleed Dimentions) -
What's your story?  
God has given me a little courage to tell mine!  Make sure to follow me on Instagram and Facebook for my journey to "Worship To Live".  This is not easy and I am not comfortable in telling the events that led up to writing each song, but I'm willing to be obedient for the sake of souls!  Join me as I post once or twice a week and please "talk back to me" :-) 










Worship To Live Youth and Young Adult Conference 

July 15-19, 2019

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